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Details of “NO MORE”
By South African Sculptor Bridgette Baskerville
Welded using mild steel buttons. Mounted on a cement base.
Antique Gold.
Torso H 51cm x W 54cm x D 32cm.
based on positioning of limbs - H: 121cm.

R40 000.00

A male 3D sculpture, front facing, with slight pull to the right. Left bent knee, right top thigh exposed.
“Reality doesn’t impress me. I only believe in intoxication, in ecstasy, and when ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another. No more Walls”.

South African born artist, Brigétte Baskerville, has blended her metal art skills with her thirty plus years of dance experience. The sculptures transpire not only from a passion in dance, but an appreciation of the body, and its resilience. Brigétte’s inspiration comes from evocative images of the body’s transformation in space. After years spent in ballet and contemporary dance, and achieving an MSc, she finds herself on a visceral journey. A sensorial attraction to working with the imagery and beauty created by movement dynamics, and the physicality of the body still or moving. Brigétte has introduced another element as she finds herself drawn to dancers and individuals who possess an inner strength, with her work focused around authenticity and vulnerability. Fascinated by the sensuality of human nature and how, in art, it satisfies the senses by means of perception. The above, currently her muse, lead her on an intuitively soulful journey to explore and create, encapsulating a sculptural treatment of movement and body in space. “Dance is the evanescence and transience; the sculptures are permanence and invoke longer emotions”.