Justice Mathonsi is from South African, province Limpopo. Born in a rural area called Ribungwani. He attended visual art and print making at Artist Proof Studio in Johannesburg. Mathonsi complicated his third year in 2016. He exhibited different galleries as Strauss & Co, Cape Town Art Fair, University of Johannesburg, Fada Gallery, Johannesburg Art Fair, Artist Proof Studio Gallery and one with Traveling Art Gallery currently at Germany.

Mathonsi inspiration comes from the people of my family and community as whole, through the value of his grandmother and grandfather, shaded with me. It gave me the confidence to follow my dreams. Through his works his portraying old people who help me in my life. He uses linocut, etching, charcoal and painting as his techniques to apply on his works. He use cross etching and stippling as a style of his mark making. Illustrating time, age, traditional and cultural.

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